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Welcome to the Trans Environmental Systems, Inc., TESI, website!

We have a solution to your search for spill collector pans to reduce your environmental liability. First of all, we invite you to consider some questions:

1. Are you looking for the most economical solution to handling of releases? This includes the costs over the life of the collector pan, not just the initial purchase price. Does it make dollars and sense to purchase a cheap open pan for around $5,000 and then pay $20,000 per year, per pan, to handle pan clean-out labor and tainted rainwater processing and disposal?

2. How long do you want these collector pans to serve? What weather or chemical exposure related degrading is expected? Chipping winter ice out of a plastic or fiberglass collector pan could definitely shorten their useful life.

3. How much hands-on worker maintenance are you willing to tolerate to keep these collector pans ready for service?

4. Are facilities already available for holding and processing the tainted rainwater that collector pans will accumulate?

TESI's patented Full System is for top loading and unloading of a railroad tank car. This pan holds up to 500 gallons and features a rolling lid and two outboard pans with Flip Flap lids. The Center System is the basic spill pan between the rails used primarily for bottom loading or unloading. The Spill-Barrow (tm) is a small, roll-under spill pan for use under tanker trucks to capture hose drainback . The Forklift Transportable Spill Containment Pan can be used for either railroad tank car loading or under tanker trucks. When closed, this model is designed for easy movement and stacking by forklift. Our Open Track Pans are designed with many of the features of our patented models with the rolling raincover, only the lids have been omitted. This model is recommended for transloading areas that are under canopy roof or inside a warehouse. We also have a beefed-up model track pan that can be driven over with heavy trucks and equipment.

Other products
include our Locomotive Refueling Pan, Drive-In/Through Truck Containment Pan, and the Haz-Hammock (tm), an innovative first response spill containment pouch designed to be suspended underneath the source. Our designs are protected by U.S. patents, Canadian patents, and some models are patent pending abroad. Hundreds of our systems have been installed around the U.S. & Canada in railroad yards, chemical or oil products companies' spur tracks and other locations. They have been used to catch releases ranging from salad oil to hazardous materials like toluene di-isocynate and concentrated sulfuric acids. On the customer map page, you may find a name and location near you which we may be able to arrange for you to visit. We also have short videotapes and CD's showing both installation and particular applications of some models.

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Closeable Track Collector Pan

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One of the major advantages of the TESI track pan design is that by using the end wall drainage system, in lieu of a center bottom drain, any solid residue deposited in the track pan is not washed down into the underground drain piping. Solid residue or blown-in sand can be removed with a shovel from the flat bottom of a TESI track pan.This design feature helps you avoid costly underground drainage piping plug-ups and the overflowing of hazardous tainted rainwater over the sides of the pan. Other company's designs do not have this positive, NPT connection feature nor do they have flat bottom pans that are easy to clean out with a squeegee or shovel.

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Other Products | Sampling of Satisfied Customers | about TESI

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