About TESI

Mission Statement

To provide the transportation industry with innovative and cost effective spill prevention and containment equipment.

Merrill Bishop

merrillMerrill Bishop, President and founder of Trans Environmental Systems, Inc., spent fifteen years as a facility design engineer, planner, and in-house consultant for one of the country’s foremost hazardous waste handling companies, Safety-Kleen Corporation. He piloted the design team for their waste oil transloading facilities nationwide. Facilities he has designed, utilizing his patented spill containment system, are in place throughout the United States. Upon early retirement, he organized Trans Environmental Systems, Inc. of Charlottesville, to market railroad, truck, and heavy equipment spill containment pans and related loading spill prevention equipment. Merrill spent five years as an Operations Analyst and Auditor for Amtrak in both Washington, D.C. and Chicago. Merrill has completed graduate work towards an MBA in marketing and holds a B.S. degree in Geophysics. His extensive work in planning hazardous waste sites has included environmental studies, fire protection methods, and both surface and groundwater flow reviews. He has published articles in a number of industrial magazines on groundwater contamination and transloading spill prevention. He has been a featured speaker and trainer for Independent Liquid Terminals Assoc., ILTA, the Transload Distribution Assoc., TDA, the American Railway Development Assoc. and the Assoc. of American Railroads’ Bureau of Explosives and Hazardous Materials conferences.

Recent Publications

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