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Drive Over Track Collector Pans

Drive-Over Track Pan

In some industrial applications, a rail tankcar loading rack may also be used for tanker truck loading. The standard Full Closeable Collector System and the Closeable Center System can be modified and reinforced to allow tanker trucks to routinely drive over these track pans.

The standard rolling raincover lid has been replaced with small, manually lifted off sections. A heavily reinforced bargrate sectional platform is placed inside the standard pan. All tiedown anchors and drain hubs remain the same. The Drive-Over track collector pans have four, 4” drains in the ends of the track pans and the bargrate support matrixes are designed to allow for drainage. These matrixes can be manually lifted out and the track pan floor squeegeed or shoveled out if needed.

Special purpose spill containment units have been developed for both military and heavy mining industry equipment for relocateable refueling or temporary parking.