Other Products

Locomotive Refueling Pan

The TESI Locomotive Refueling Side Spill Pan is a 60-inch by 22-inch by 6-inch portable pan that can be positioned by one railroad worker and used for locomotive refueling. It has a 9-inch and a 14-inch flap that hug the fuel tank of the locomotive during refueling to help catch fuel rundown. These flaps close to keep rainwater out of the pan when not in use. This fiberglass pan weighs only 65 lbs. and it can be equipped with two wheels on one end for easy movement over track ballast. Units may be transported to the refueling site by the fuel tanker truck or it can be left on-site.

Truck Drive-Over/Tank Car  Dual Use Spill Containment Pans

This 20 ft. by 9′ 8″ wide I.D. steel containment pan can be transported via a flat bed truck to nearly any location. When installed on compacted soil or gravel, large tanker trucks or even lug wheeled or tracked off-road equipment can be driven into this containment for refueling, temporary parking or for vehicle decontamination before it leaves a field remediation site. Unique, drop-down tailgates at either end or both ends allows for vehicles, even forklift trucks to enter or leave. The standard 20 ft. long design has 10″ high containment walls and will hold approximately 1,000 gallons of liquid. The pan sidewalls are equipped with four, 3″ NPT plugged, hub couplings so collected liquid can be hose drained to other “full volume” vessels or an U/G tank. These units can be positioned end-to-end to accommodate longer tankers or equipment so long as the adjacent tailgates can be closed after driving into it.

These 2,400 lbs. steel containments are designed for rough terrain use, not just on well-swept, smooth concrete like the common polyethylene drive-in “babypools” They are available in Corten steel and stainless or fiberglass coated steel.

The drive-in relocateable containment can be safely used for storage of stacked drums, small tote tanks and even for trailer mounted tanks. Higher sidewall height can be designed. Narrower units can be used as truckbed liner containment.

Drive-over Railroad Track Containment Pans

In some industrial applications, a rail tankcar loading rack may also be used for tanker truck loading. The standard Full Closeable Collector System and the Closeable Center System can be modified and reinforced to allow tanker trucks to routinely drive over these track pans. The standard rolling raincover lid has been replaced with small, manually lifted off sections. A heavily reinforced bargrate sectional platform is placed inside the standard pan. All tiedown anchors and drain hubs remain the same.

Special purpose spill containment units have been developed for both military and heavy mining industry equipment for relocateable refueling or temporary parking.

Parking Area Drainage “Cut-off” Gates

TESI has developed a “sluice” gate that comes in two sizes that can be installed in either the concrete poured walls or asphalt curbing around your tanker truck parking area. These either 12″ wide by 6″ deep or 18″ wide by 12″ deep models are manufactured with small wires extruding from the steel frame for embedding in your curb material. The removable gate is 1/4″ plate steel that can be galvanized or coated with our chemical resistant epoxy coating. We have designed this gate frame to lock-in a closed-cell polyethylene foam gasket. The gate has a convenient lift handle and is retained by a chain so someone cannot just carry off the gate plate. Call us if you have other applications.